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VIAEXPRESSO Control Center

The Control Center and Surveillance (CCV) is located in the head office building and is operated every day of the year, 24 hours a day, being operated by the Concessionaire's human resources.

From this center are coordinated activities like patrols, maintenance, management of internal teams, subcontractors, occurrences, systems and relations with distributors and users.

In the CCV are centralized all video, data and voice communications and information, based on the dedicated of various equipment installed in the tunnels. The said communication network is ensured by a fiber optic circuit, installed in a proper network of the Concessionaire.

The CCV has a modern control and surveillance system, with a wide range of software and hardware equipment, which are properly interconnected.

The tunnels are equipped with remote monitoring, and the supervision is complemented with surveillance of the routes, through Patrol and Assistance to the User.

The control and surveillance services are thus organized remotely and locally. CCV-based supervision covers tunnel areas with telematics systems installed and enables monitoring from the CCV, ensuring the day by day management and the necessary monitoring for the user.

The main functions of the Control Center are:

  • Monitoring and coordination of regular patrol and user assistance services;
  • Monitoring and coordination of routine maintenance services;
  • Monitoring of traffic conditions in tunnels with extension superior then 500 m, through a Closed Circuit Television and Video (CCTV);
  • Call center for distress and assistance.
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