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Patrolling and Assistance to the User

The Patrolling and Assistance to the User activities aim to ensure to assist the user in detection of incidents or occurrences. In the event of any occurrence or incident detected in a certain place within the concession area, those responsible for developing these activities in each zone will be the first agents to intervene, entrusted with the participation in the services installed in the CCV and the preparation of the records recommended in the Manual of Procedures of User Assistance and Infrastructure Surveillance.


The regular patrolling services check regularly:

  • The general condition of the roads concessions (full-track areas, tunnels, works);
  • Meteorological conditions;      
  • Equipment, including SOS stations and signalling;
  • The existence of objects and animals in the circulation zone, promoting their removal.

Patrolling during the daytime (between 8 and 20 hours) is performed with a periodicity that guarantees, during this period, two passages in each VE, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. At night there is a preventive vehicle in disposal for any assistance that is needed.

Patrolling and assistance vehicles are in permanent contact with the Control Center.

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