800 20 30 40

Assistance to users

Assistance to users occurs by request or when vehicles are found immobilized, guaranteeing:

  • Signalling;
  • Mobilization of means of assistance and towing;
  • Provision of simple services of breakdown;
  • Abastecimento da viatura de combustível.

Surveillance teams may also provide simple on-site breakdown services (for example tire change, battery cable connections,…) reduced to small jobs that should not last more than half an hour.

If the condition of the vehicle requires a more complicated and lengthy repair, it will be decided to tow it off the road, activating the assistance services of the insurers of the vehicles, or using towing services, for which costs will charged to the user.

Without prejudice to the services provided by the Concessionaire, access to the Concession shall be free for any legally authorized emergency assistance vehicles which complies with all the Concessionaire's signaling rules.

In order that the interaction between the Center and the users is as direct and clear as possible, there is a permanent assistance line dedicated to receiving free calls (800 20 30 40).

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