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Counting System and Classification of the Traffic

The Vehicle Counting and Classification System integrated in the Control and Surveillance System has the objective of permanent monitoring (counting, classification, registration and archiving) of the traffic.

The Traffic Classification and Counting System, including its Automated Classifiers Vehicle (CAVs) - physically installed in the roads, for a total of 14 stations - communicates with the Control Center through the private fiber optic network, with possibility of permanent and on-line verification of the reliability of their registrations.

The permanent verification is guaranteed through the provision of an on-line data circuit.

The location of the counting stations, their identification and respective areas of influence are listed in the figure below.

Sistema de Contagem e Classificação de Tráfego

The Vehicle Counting and Classification System - Image / location of counting stations

VIAEXPRESSO organizes daily traffic statistics on concession roads and the elements obtained are kept in a database without any restrictions, access and / or changes, except for the ones authorized by the Assignor.

Traffic Counting and Classification System, including naturally the respective Automatic Traffic Classifiers (CAV), is integrated in the Control and Monitoring System of the Concessionaire communicating through a private network through a optical fiber . It is possible to verify the reliability of the respective records by the Regional Government Inspection on-line.

The equipment automatically distinguishes between light and heavy traffic. The distribution of traffic by the two classes is based on dimensional characteristics of the vehicles, inferred from the respective electromagnetic profiles.

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